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Chapter 2 Survey

    To earn the SY Chapter Certificates requires that you answer all of the quiz questions in the chapter correctly. You can answer them as many times as needed to score 100%. Once you earn the certificate you can download or print it. All of your certificates are placed in your My Profile. Your instructor may not require you to complete and submit the chapter certificates, but please rate your understanding of the process.

    Rate your understanding of how to earn and download/print the SY Chapter Certificates.

    I do not understand at allI fully understand

    The SY Points system unlocks the bonus content consisting of the Study Guide with Answers, a Chapter Summary animated video, and a full-length Practice Exam. Bonus content is unlocked at 150, 250, and 350 points.

    Rate your understanding of the SY Points system and how to earn the bonus content.

    I do not understand at allI fully understand