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How to Take Effective Notes While Reading SY

1. Create an Outline
Prior to reading a module (there are five modules in each chapter), create an outline for the module using the learning objectives. Leave space for adding notes. After reading the content within the learning objective, close the section and write down notes from memory. Stretching your brain like this means you are more likely to retain the information you just read.

2.  Check Your Outline
Next, open the learning objective and check your notes. Fix any mistakes and add any missing information. This incorporates the learning strategy called practice retrieval that is one of the proven learning techniques from the research within, Make It Stick: The Science of Learning. You can read more about the Science of Learning for YOU! in the modules between Chapters 1-5 of SY.

3. Pay Attention to Key Points
Be sure to add people, places, or terms that are in bold or italics – the textbook’s authors are telling you this is important information. Try not to copy from the book but paraphrase into your own words. This takes more time but this is how you will learn and retain the content. It will pay off with a better grade on the exam!