Connecting Sociology and YOU!

Chapter 1: Introduction – Understanding Sociology

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Notes: sociology helps one understand the social forces that shape us 

sociology is the scientific study of social relationships, institutions, and societies 

social institutions- structures that provide framework for governing the behavior of individuals in a community or society 

society- large group of people associated with a shared culture and social institutions 

sociological perspective- understanding and explaining how people interact 

social structures- arrangements of social patterns 

sociological imagination- see details of ones life in context of larger social structures 

social change is a force 

positivism- valid knowledge of the social world found through scientific and empirical pursuit

Comte idea- by using scientific methods to analyze society sociologists could provide solutions to social problems 

basic social theories



-symbolic interactionism 

sociological theory is a set of interrelated ideas that provide a systematic understanding of the social world 

macro sociology- level of analysis focusing on social systems and populations on a large scale 

micro sociology- level of analysis on individuals and small groups within the larger social system 

functionalist theory- a macro view of how the parts of society serve to maintain stability 

manifest functions- intentional, formally sanctioned functions of social institutions and society 

latent functions- unintentional and informally sanctioned functions of social institutions and society 

symbolic interaction- micro view product of interactions between people via symbols 

dysfunction- undesirable disruptions