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Chapter 1: Introduction – Understanding Sociology

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Notes:  Marx\\\’s view was motivated by a desire to change and imporve the social conditions for the oppressed members of society. 

Social imagination– personal troubles and public issues. Personal troubles are often influenced by public issues

Durkheim was more interested in explaining the rapid social changes occurring within Europe and the accompanying impacts on society. 


Mead was not interested in the plight of the oppressed and how societ functioned but was keenly interested in how social interactions played a role in the development of individuals. 


1.1.3: social facts- social patterns that are external to individuals and greatly influence our way of thinking and bheaving in society. 

1.1.4: verstehen- an empathetic approach to understanding human behaivor (understanding or interpretation) 

1.1.5: feminist theory- evolved from conflict theory

1.2.1: rationalization of society- the replacement of traditional values and personal connections with bureaucracy, efficiency, and a means-end approach. 

Common Characteristics and functions of social structures: 1. organizes behaivors of large groups of people 2. capable of coercing individuals and groups 3. provides norms, rules, and practices 4. assigns roles and powers to individuals and groups 5. encompasses large geographical areas

1.2.2: Marriet Heartineau- first female sociologist; published society in America

Jane Addams- (u.s.a) founded the hull house. which is a settlement house that provided social services (primarily for immigrants in Chicago) 

W.E.B Du Bois- civil rights activist and scholar. Founded National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Robert Merton: A functionalist sociologist. formalized the functionalist theory in his writings. in 1949m he published Social Theory and Social Structure

1.4.1: anomie– the breakdown of social values, norms, and order resulting in social instability

1.5.1: social change- the forces that change the organization and the social structures of society