Connecting Sociology and YOU!

Chapter 1: Introduction – Understanding Sociology

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Sociological perspective:  the process of understanding an explaining how individuals and grows interact within society. 

Social structures: the distinctive and stable arrangements of social patterns that form the societyy as a whole

social problems: societal conditions that harm segments of society

sociological imagination: the ability to see the details of our own lives in the context of lager social structures as opposed to merely personal choices or personal troubles. 

The vineyard and village views represent macro sociology, a level of analysis focusing on social systems and populations on a large scale. The meadow is an example of micro sociology, a level of analysis focusing on individuals and small groups within the larger social system.

manifest functions, intentional and formally sanctioned functions of social institutions and society.

Latent functions, unintentional and informally sanctioned functions of social institutions and society

dysfunction, the undesirable disruptions of social patterns resulting in negative consequences within society

socialized self, which states that the self cannot develop apart from society

symbolic interaction, a micro view of how society is the product of interactions between people, which occur via symbols that have distinct meanings 

Conflict — vineyard — macro-level analysis

Functionalists — village — macro-level analysis

Symbolic Interaction — meadow — micro-level analysis