Connecting Sociology and YOU!

Chapter 1: Introduction – Understanding Sociology

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Harriet Martineau – first female sociologist

social structures: distinct social patterns that form society

rationalization of society: the replacement of the traditional by the efficient

defining element of social structure is that social patterns must be outside a formal organization



Karl Marx: haves and have-nots. conflict theory.


Emile Durkheim: credited with developing sociology, goal was to establish sociology as a science. Functionalist theory.


George Herbert Mead: socialized self theory, did not complete his dissertation and never published his theory

feminist theory evolved from the conflict theory

queer theory emerged from feminist theory, it looks at the macro and micro and emphasizes the social construction of sexuality. argues that our sexual orientation doesnt determine who we are or how we are defined in a relationship.

postmodern social theory ultimately says the society is in a constant state of change and our understanding of it is relative to our position within it