Connecting Sociology and YOU!

Chapter 1: Introduction – Understanding Sociology

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Auguste Comte: established Positivism- authentic and valid knowledge of the social world is found through scientific and empirical pursuit

sociological perspective: process of understanding/explaining how individuals interact

social structures: distinctive arrangements of social patterns that form the society

social problems:conditions that harm segments of society

sociological imagination: ability to see details of own lives in context of larger social structures

social change: forced that change society\\\\\\\’s ways

Karl Marx: conflict theory- political and economic power and oppression contributes to social order

Emile Durkheim: functionalist theory- individuals function independently to stabilize whole, manifest functions- intentional, latent functions-unintentional, dysfunction- undesirable disruptions

George Hebert Mead: symbolic interaction- society = product interactions btw ppl

Max Weber: interpret by observing(being in someones shoes)