Connecting Sociology and YOU!

Chapter 1: Introduction – Understanding Sociology

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Symbolic Interaction: a microview on how society is the product of interactions between people, which occur via symbols that have distinct meanings 

—— focus on individual interaction and that is how they understand sociology 

Functionalist Theory- a macro view of how the parts of society serve to maintain stability 

  Manifest functions- intentional and functional- teaching math

  latent function- unintentional and informal like finding romance

  dysfunction- (how the village burned down) the undesirable disruption of social patterns resulting in negativity. 


Conflict theory- a sociological perspective emphasizing the role of political and economic power and oppression as contribution to the existing social order 


Marx: would want to know if poor people had access to higher education to if people that went to less prestigious colleges had equal opportunity. he would look at the advantages due to social class and help the poor rise above the disadvantages

Durham would talk about social class:

  social patterns that are external to individuals and greatly influence our way of thinking and behaving in society, and he would want to know more about thinks like rules and values 

Mead would want to know how students do not chase their desires and party all the time while failing class