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Chapter 1: Introduction – Understanding Sociology

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German Karl Max (1818- 1883) lived during the industrial rev. 

– discovered the steam engine and the buildings of factories in western europe  

– the proletarait: the majority who were the poor property-less industrial working

– bourgeois: the small minority who were the wealthy class 

auhtored : the communist Mannifesto 

– conflict theory: a sociological perpsective emphasizing the role of political and economic power and oppression as contrubuting to the existing socail order 

Emile Durkheim: French socioligist shes the village living in harmony with bakeries 

– feminist theory: a view on ainti-oppression, gender realtions, and gender inequallity 

evlopved from conflict theory and is an important contemperary sociologcal perspective 

– applied sociology: the use of methodologies to fine solutions to problems in society 

focuses on equality, equity, diversuty, justice 

– queer theory: a cirtical view that rejects the traditonal categories of gender, sex, and sexuality in contemperary society 

both macro and micro issues 

Andreja Pejic

French socioligist: Michel foucault, Jeam Baudrillard, and Jean-Francois Lyotard responsible for premoting this new social theory rejecting postivism and