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Chapter 2: Sociological Inquiry

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The Time Diary method is a research method in which subjects track their actions at various points in time over several days. 

The Hawthorne effect is the tendency of people to change their behavior when they know they are being watched. 

Case Study is an in-depth analysis of a particular person, place, or event over a significant period. The advantages are a deeper understanding of the issue or person being studied, with the tradeoff that these studies may not apply to any other situation. 

Max Weber emphasized verstehen, which is an empathetic approach to understanding human behavior. In other words, you have to put yourself into the perspective of the persons you are trying to understand because they might have different customs and worldviews. 

People usually fill out surveys if they have a reason to. This is why surveys can be a problem, despite them being the easiest mode of gathering data.