Connecting Sociology and YOU!

Chapter 2: Sociological Inquiry

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Anna Julia Cooper: African American author and educator who wrote a voice from the south 

beatrice potter webb: English sociologist white tutors included British social theorist herbed speaker and she was a research and taught sociology and coauthored 11 books 

sohionisba Breckinridge: went to Wellesley college and got a law degree and was in the Kentucky bar association 

Marianne weber: important figure in the German feminist movement and authored 9 sociology and social analysis books 

liberal feminism: 

problem: contends that sex discrimination and sex-biased laws are a product of prejudice and stereotyping by society 

solution : sees the reform of sex biased laws and challenge sexism improve rights and expand opportunities in societal 

stragy: reducing gener roles, increasing education, removing discriminatory legislation, implementing laws that address sexism, increasing resources to areas impacted by biological differences such as child care 

Radical Feminism: argues that the root of the problem is the intersection of various types of oppression in society and mens patriarchal control over women reproduction and sexuality 

Marxist/ socialist feminism 

problem: believes that the root of the problem is patriarch and capitalisms role in society