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XChapter 3: Culture

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Notesculturethe society’s socially learned and shared ideas, behaviors, and material components 

Ideal culture, the ideals and values that a society professes to believe, represents the majority of members of society. Often, the ideal culture is what the members consider to be ethically and morally desirable. Equality and justice for everyone, regardless of race, gender, or creed, characterize the American culture, but this ideal has not been achieved among all Americans.

real culture, the actual behavior of members of society, it is evident that inequalities and injustices exist within American society. The majority of Americans publicly denounce racist attitudes and behaviors. However, there is still institutional discrimination in the U.S., as the case of George Floyd has further demonstrated

Functionalist Theory: Functionalist theory is concerned with how cultures operate interdependently as societies evolve. Functionalists focus on how society adapts to a changing culture through shifts in norms, values, and ideologies. To maintain stability, large social structures, like the government, function to protect the interests of the society and its subculture groups while also responding to the concerns of counterculture groups, like the LGBTQ+ movement.